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In the current issue of the magazine we try to give you geographically divers picture of Russia and it’s neighbouring republics, show new sites to go in the North and South of the country. Good part of the magazine is devoted to vacationing places near Moscow. We introduce you to the best hotels, recreation resorts, sanatoriums, places of interest, monuments, historical houses, best picnicking areas. It is really amazing how much Moscow region can offer even to a very demanding tourist. Dozens of new hotels and family hotels are build in traditional recreational areas around Moscow. Even 40 or 50 kilometres from the capital you can find a refuge from the turbulence of the city life. You can use our stories as a guide and…well why not spend a couple of weeks in Moscow region resorts?

We have two main feature inlets – on Arkhangelsk region in Russian North and on Russia’s good neighbour, the picturesque Republic of Armenia.

Arkhangelsk – the Treasure Land of Russian North. The governor of the Arkhangelsk region and the mayor of the City of Arkhangelsk in the North of the country near the White Sea talk to our reporters on recreational potential of this pristine part of Russia, the land of thousand lakes, pure rivers, huge forests, white nights, ancient wood architecture. The land of Peter the Great.

Ksenozerie National Park. Being established only 14 years ago it’s one of the “youngest” in Arkhangelsk region as well as in the whole country. But natural beauty of it’s lakes, rivers and water falls, richness in old and unique north Russian wood architecture make it a true tourist paradise. Here you can really walk through several centuries of Russian history in almost one stride. Only here you can find wooden churches built without a single nail. The National park is still being developed, many of old wooden buildings are restored using ancient building techniques.

The Land of Noah’s Ark. Welcome to Armenia – one of the oldest countries in the World, Russia’s neighbour in the Caucasus. We give you but a glimpse of this small land with a very Big Heart, the land where Biblical Noah landed his Ark after the Create Deluge. Get acquainted with at least some of it’s traditions, customs, nature and ancient monuments, many of which are dated to pre Greek or Roman times, great or well known poets, artists, scientists, musicians, politicians, military commanders, which this country has given to the world – and, trust us, there are plenty of them living in every part of the world. We introduce you to great Armenian cognacs and vines, it’s cuisine. And, of course, it’s friendly and warm-hearted people.

Kirgyzia awaits tourists. Kirgysian ambassador to Moscow Apas Jumagulov talks to our reporters about great tourist attractions of this Central Asian Republic. This land of mountains and boundless plains is also a home of the most beautiful and largest of Central Asian lakes – Lake Issyk-Kul.
Wanna go fishing? Why not try Volga? If you really want to find yourself in fishermen’s paradise the lower Volga is just the place to go. The region near the old city of Astrakhan, where the Great Russian river majestically enters the Caspian Sea, for centuries has been the main “fishing pond” of mother Russia. Sturgeons and beluga, caviar were brought from Astrakhan to Russian Tsars. But Volga is also reach in almost all kinds of fish you would expect to catch in any European rivers: catfish (up to 100 kilograms is not a record), perch, pike, carp…You name it – Volga’s got it all. Our fishing expert explains in detail where the best places to fish are, what bait to use, when is the best time to fish and talks about specific local fishing methods. Its really a small encyclopaedia on fishing in Volga.
Makarevitch and his “Underwater World”. One of the most famous Russian rock singers, poets and musicians, TV celebrity, founder of popular “Time machine” rock group Andrey Makarevitch explains his love for diving. He says that Russia are now undergoing true diving boom. Makarevitch thinks that Russia’s rivers and lakes can provide true new experience for demanding divers.
Karelia for those who love extreme. Our reporter Maria Kravchenko and friends spent some true bumpy days, rafting down rivers and waterfalls of Karelia – Russian republic bordering Finland. She came back in one peace and very exited and you can understand, why if you read her marvellous article.
Russian Podium. It is our completely new project. Though it’s addressed mainly to our young readers, anyone is welcome to pick some new ideas from it. In “Russian Podium” we would give you hints on new fashions and styles for looking good, off-beat or pure fashionable during vacations, picnics or weekends. Advice is provided by many prominent designers and couturiers from Russia and abroad, as well as by many celebrities from Moscow and Russia. And of course, this supplement is fully illustrated.

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