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Antarctica: once in a lifetime journey
People, who had been in the Antarctic trip, call it “once in a lifetime journey”. And also it is said about Antarctica: “Come back different”. The magazine “Holidays in Russia” offers its readers to go to the white continent on a luxury expedition ship “Corinthian II”. There is a library, Internet center, beauty salon, fitness center, whirlpool, elevator, club, live music, free wine for lunch and dinner, etc. Cruise starts in Argentina, in the southern city of Ushuaia. This place is called “the edge of the world”. You will meet penguins, elephant seals and other inhabitants of Antarctica, walk along the “Iceberg Alley” (so-called Bransfield Channel), and visit Antarctic stations. You will understand that Antarctica is not the endless desert of snow. It is alive: “breathing” volcanoes, voiced cries of birds, penguins and crash of snow avalanches, and painted in bright colors of fantastic sunset… Antarctica is always different and new.

Triangle of Christ, Mohammed and Buddha
The main feature of Astrakhan region is its unique geopolitical location in the Volga delta on the Caspian coast, the route of the Silk Road. There is a variety of tourist resources, the intertwining of different national cultures and religions, and the exotic nature there. In the Lower Volga at different times the capitals of powerful nations, such as the Khazar khanate (the city of Itil, VIII–X century) and the Golden Horde (the city of Sarai-Batu, XIII–XV century), were located. Nowadays the archaeological excavations are conducted there, and tourists can get acquainted with the findings of scientists. Astrakhan is called the open-air museum. The imposing complex of the Astrakhan Kremlin with the Assumption and Trinity Cathedrals is still admirable. Boundless fields of blooming lotus is an unforgettable sight, which can only be seen in this region. In the north, at the foot of Bogdo Mountain (the place of pilgrimage of Buddhists) salt lake Baskunchak is located. Its silt mud healing properties are much stronger compare to Dead Sea mud in Israel. The main tourist brand in the region is fishing and hunting. For fans of this type of recreation Astrakhan region has become a kind of Mecca, and it is considered to be the fishing capital of Russia.

The City by Lake Baikal
In the heart of Siberia, in 5042 kilometers from Moscow, Irkutsk Region is located. The capital of the region is the city of Irkutsk, celebrating its 350th birthday this year. The first caravan trade routes to Mongolia and China passed through Irkutsk. Today Irkutsk also connects the east and west of Russia, as well as Russia itself with China and Mongolia. Trans-Siberian railway and the federal highway Moscow – Vladivostok pass through Irkutsk. The international airport of Irkutsk is the major stopover point on the airlines connecting airports in South-East Asia and the Far East with the European part of Russia and CIS countries. Irkutsk is the cultural capital of Eastern Siberia. There are many museums, historic buildings and churches in Irkutsk. The main wealth of Irkutsk Region is Lake Baikal, recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. It is the largest freshwater lake of the world and the world’s deepest lake (1640 m).

At the edge of the Central Russian Plain
Russia is rich in holy and healing springs. Springs and fonts of Lipetsk region, which is located in the heart of the European part of our country, became famous as far back as the XVIII–XIX centuries. The springs with healing mineral water spout in the very centre of Lipetsk. Local chalybeate water is similar to Baden one in its composition (Austria). To bring holy water the pilgrims travel to Zadonsk – a major center of Orthodox culture. It is also called the “Russian Jerusalem”. Monasteries and temples attract thousands of tourists from Russia and foreign countries. The fame of those places is associated with the name of Tikhon Zadonsky the Miracle- Worker. It kept its power. Yelets (founded in 968) retained the Old Russian original image. It is put on the list of UNESCO as the city with a rich historical heritage. Temples is the main decoration of Yelets. The most famous one is Ascension Cathedral – one of the largest churches in Russia.

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