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For five years now the interest in the museums has been growing steadily all round the world: the number of visitors is increasing, new buildings are being built, and interesting expositions are being opened, deserving the third

Heroic funs
Vladimirskaya land is a part of rich and glorious history, magnificent whitestone temples, and generous nature. Ancient cities of the region are the part of universally-known tourist route

Altai is the soul of Russia!
This definition belongs to Alexander Karlin, the governor of Altai Kray. And it is difficult to quarrel with him. Altai is a historic product. Old believers were the first who settled in its territory. They were very strong and hard-working people. They laid the foundation of Altai nature. Our journalists visited one of the old believers

Children of the White Sea
Every year in the beginning of March in the White Sea bay Greenland seals give birth to their baby seals

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